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Southland - Assisted Living Services

"Serving Adult Citizens in North Carolina for over 30 years"

- Assistance with personal care needs such as bathing & grooming.

- Facility makes medical appointments and manages medical care.

- Transportation to medical appointments provided.

- 3 dietician approved meals provided per day.

- 2 served sanacks/beverages per day.

- Vending machines available with $0.40 drinks. (Landmark & Olin)

- Management of spending funds and bill pay at no charge.

- 2 hours of planned activities daily available for participation.

- Laundry Service provided or use of equipment for those who prefer to do their own laundry.

- No extra charges for cable television.

- Mail Service.

- Medication Administration.

- Medicare Part D planning for the least out-of-pocket expense.

- Basic Toiletries provided.

- Negotiations for best prices for services and products such as Tobacco, medical supplies, and medical equipment.

- Facilities work with home health agencies and other healthcare vendors to provide the best care possible in these settings.

Note: All of the homes provide the same basic services.